PT School Consulting is a client-focused mentoring program for pre-physical therapy applicants and physical therapy students. Our mission is to provide pre-physical therapy students with a one-stop shop for guidance during the physical therapy school application process and help current physical therapy students succeed in their programs.

Comprehensive & Individualized Services

PT School Consulting offers a variety of mentoring services to students throughout their physical therapy academic careers, starting from pre-physical therapy application services to helping current and graduated students polish their resumes and apply for their dream jobs.

Pre-PT Students

Individualized services for pre-physical therapy students to help their application stand out and increase their chances of acceptance


Year-round mentorship services for current physical therapy students to help them thrive in their program, graduate, and find their dream job


The latest and greatest information related to the physical therapy application and admissions process as well as networking for jobs

Who We Are

I’m Carley, a physical therapist who graduated from Columbia University. I’m also a runner, teacher, and mentor, eager to guide the next generation of physical therapists.