The Organizing Your Application Service is a set of two one hour online video conferences and/or phone discussions (minimum) that will help you organize yourself for the application process and organize your PT school application.

We will discuss strategies for keeping track of the requirements for each PT school application; your timeline and deadlines for completing portions of the application; how to stay on top of your reference letters and volunteer, work, and shadowing hours; and more.

Organize Application to PT School

How PT School Consulting Works

1. Organization

We will review strategies for keeping track of each application's requirements.

2. Timeline

We will collaborate to establish a timeline and deadlines for you to complete each part of the application.

3. References and Shadowing

We will also discuss strategies for ensuring you keep track of your reference letters and shadowing, work, or volunteer experiences.

Contact us if you would like to purchase the Organizing Your Application service. We will respond to your message with a secure link to purchase this service using PayPal.