Testimonials for PT School Consulting

We are proud to have helped our clients succeed throughout their physical therapy school application journey. Our clients have expressed their appreciation for our help and are eager to recommend our services to future physical therapy students.

Before having organized a plan of action on how I was going to tackle PT school applications, I knew that the quality of my applications would receive a significant boost from having a mentor and someone to guide me through this process. The reason I opted for PT School Consulting was because of how their services and packages were set up for pre-PT students. They were exactly what I was looking for and offered all of the personal help that I knew I needed to take my PT school applications to the next level.


I cannot thank Carley enough for all of the help she provided me with throughout the PT school application process! I knew I wanted a service like PT School Consulting to guide me through my applications, because I had never done this in the past. Before I started this journey, I was so lost regarding everything involved in this process and didn’t know how to even proceed with my applications, but her services guided me through every step in a seamless and organized way. I would highly recommend PT School Consulting to anyone in my position as well as those just looking for a little bit of guidance with their PT school applications. Carley helped me get accepted to 12 out of the 13 schools I applied to, including all of the top ranked schools!


PT School Consulting helped me destress through the application process. Not only was Carley a huge help in editing some of my essays, but she was always there to answer questions whenever I needed. She responded to emails very promptly and continued to follow up with me after my applications were completed, which showed that she genuinely cares about her clients.


Dr. Schleien was a tremendous help throughout the application process. With her help, I was able to organize and curate an application that I was confident in. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a little guidance through this time.


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